With us you feel the difference coz we make you feel at home.

Property Management

Our experienced property management team provides landlords with peace of mind.

Residential Property Management

Because of our commitment to service, we ensure our clients not only achieve the best returns possible but also feel safe knowing that they are in the best hands.

Commercial Property Management

In a highly competitive market, Reemack’s management team offers experience and dedication needed to make certain that all our clients commercial assets work for them.

Building Property Management

Through years of experience, market research and extensive partnerships, we use best business practices to enable reduced costs and improved returns for all managed assets.


We have a wide selection of Residential and Commercial properties. We also manage Long Lease projects, etc. Our properties have occupancy rate of 98% and every property is managed by a dedicated agent.2

For Owners

As we have been managing more than 250 projects we have professionals who provide service contracts for lifts, air-condition, electric, plumbing, etc., with the best and cheapest prices.2